Altair and maria meet

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altair and maria meet

When Altaïr woke up in the next day, it was still early. was about to guard it in Jerusalem, she saw an opportunity to meet the Assassin. Using Maria's status as a Templar, Altaïr was able to gain many more but they knew that the more times they talked and met, the more the. Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad is a fictional character from the Assassin's Creed series of games, a master He then made his way back to Jerusalem where he met Robert. However In the novel Assassin's Creed: The Secret Crusade, Altaïr and Maria's.

While she revealed little, the Assassin elected to take her prisoner, hoping to use her as leverage to lure other Templars out into the open. Maria was escorted to and kept at the resistance safe house, but escaped following an ambush by Templars, during which the building was set on fire.

Maria claimed innocence and attempted to reason with him, becoming angry when Bouchart suggested that she, as a woman, was Robert's undoing. Bouchart ignored her pleas, ordering her to be locked away in prison.

altair and maria meet

Enraged at her present situation, she vowed to kill him once the opportunity arose. While on the vessel, he inquired about her life and motivation to join the Crusaders.

Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad

Maria told him of her childhood in England and her previous marriage, noting that her ideal husband would embrace her masculine personality and interests, a standard which her former husband did not meet.

She also revealed that, while she had cared for Robert, she knew he had exploited her and believed that his death was fitting.

Although Maria resisted his ideology, she did take interest in it, inquiring as to whether "chaotic beauty" was truly something to be celebrated. He maintained that "the order and peace the Templar seek requires servility and imprisonment", a statement which the captive Maria found to be ironic. At that moment, the two were recognized and attacked by some of the pirates who had ferried them. On her arrival, she confronted Shahar in his private room, and demanded to know about the Templars' plan for the Apple of Eden.

Shahar stated that the Templars would achieve order by any means necessary, even if that "order" became synonymous with enslavement.

Maria killed his two pursuers, but refused to fight beside him any further and fled. However, following his use of the Apple of Eden to quiet the rioting townspeople, it was Maria who killed the mysterious Templar agent intent on taking the Apple, stabbing him in the back. There, she engaged Armand Bouchart in combat. However, Armand was an extremely skilled fighter and hurled Maria back, knocking her unconscious.

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She then told him that she no longer wished to be part of the Templar Order, and had no interest in returning to England. Instead, she intended to go east, as far as India or "the far edge of the world".

altair and maria meet

He talks of it little, as though it is too precious to bring out into the light. Inthey were married in Limassol out of respect for the Cypriots who had made the island a key stronghold for the Order, with Markos as a guest of honor. Later that year, Maria gave birth to the couple's first child, a boy named Darim. Two years later, after the pair briefly visited Acre, [6] their second child Sef was born.

Joining Darim and Maria on the nearby hill, the five Assassins proceeded to compose another plan while Maria was tending to her husband's wound. After Darim, aided by Qulan Gal, successfully killed Genghis Khan while he was fleeing, the family headed back home to Masyaf.

When they arrived, they found it completely different from when they had left. He informed them that their son Sef had left for Alamutthat Malik was imprisoned, and that a council had been formed to take control over the Order with Abbas Sofian at its head.

For the good of the Brotherhood. To take it back and make it great once more. If you can do that, and if you can let it take precedence over your own thoughts of revenge, the Order will love you as a father who shows it the true path.

If you let yourself be blinded by anger and emotion, how can you expect them to listen when what you teach is the other way? Deciding on a bloodless strategy, the two left to confront Abbas. It took many steps to reach the Grand Master's room, but only one Leap of Faith to comeback down to the ground. Maria would have killed him if she found out about his "convenient" method of moving from one place to another quickly with their child.

With one arm wrapped around his son, the other controlling his movements, he curled around quickly so that he was diving backwards in the air, feeling the rush between his lithe body. For a moment, he could believe he was flying in the air until he finally finished his 'faith' and landed softly with a bounce into the wagon of hay.

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As being the Master Assassin, he was able to slip passed unnoticed by the guards, making him take note that he needed to put more discipline to men in the morning's training session. With light thuds of his feet to accompany him across the long hallways, he eventually reached Malik's door and gave a silent knock.

Upon closer inspection of the door, he heard no snores or movement of sleep so either Malik was ignoring him, not there or suddenly deaf. It's me, my brother! I could have killed you. And so late in the night as well! I must have a reason to come in the middle of the night?

But there is nothing childish to what I'm about to show you. The child's legs kicking in excitement as he reached upward to grab his father's finger.

How did only in a few years, the merciless, cold Grand Master Assassin show such loving emotions? It was a strange and foreign thing that Malik puzzled at. Assassins lived with death and never thought of bringing up life. In fact, it was recommended the child of an assassin be taken away at birth to another family so there wasn't any lingering attachment to hamper the father or mother.

Watching the babe drift back into a restless sleep, Malik spoke with hushed tones, "You are a father Her name is Maria and she is a very good mother. You, Grand Master of Assassins screwed a Templar woman who tried to kill you, not once, not twice but multiple times!? But I prefer to call it 'making love. For a moment there I thought you have gained some good wit over the years, but it seems you have lost not only your wit, but your head! What were you thinking? Malik rubbed his temples, "I think you have caused me a few years off my life, my brother.

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I just never expected you a 'fatherly' person, let alone a lover. She is my wife as much as I am her husband. Is it really that hard to understand that I now have a family? She is as much as one of us as you and I are. She is the mother of my child and my wife.

Altair and Maria Thorpe Making a Baby Assassin (Assassin's Creed 2)

She had 3 years to betray me, but she instead of stabbing a knife through my gut, she has risked everything- her Templar status, her dignity and even her life for us. Do you understand that at least Malik with your oh-so-great wit?!

How do you know she isn't trading the Order's secrets as we speak? The Templars are far from stupid. Now that makes total sense, doesn't it Malik? You said it yourself all those years ago. Unfortunately, this caused the child to cry even louder, it's distress increasing by the moment.

At lost at what to do, the father assassin tried to hush the baby's cries by hugging, talking and every other trick in the book. This prolong crying caused Malik to growl in frustration. In true Malik fashion, he looked at the baby with the meanest glare he could give, "You cry one more time and I swear I'll feed you to the nesting eagles. Malik only stared back with a confused expression as Qulan reached up with his small hands to pat Malik's cheek.

The baby giggled happy as he continued patting Malik's cheeks. A strange feeling crept up deep within him and unknowingly to him, Malik's mouth curved into a large smile. You are nothing like your novice father.

I think he likes you. But there is something I must ask of you, that involves my son and in fact, all of my children if Maria and I choose to have more. As you know, in our line of work we are quite busy and there is a chance that-" "If it involves babysitting, I better be getting paid.

He must talk to Maria soon about increasing their brood. A happy expression appeared on the stubborn Assassin's face turning his eyes toward his newly made godson, "I would be honored, brother.