Alice and jasper meet

alice and jasper meet

Why don't you read the book and get your answer. Reading the book will not only help you get the answer to your questions but also you will be. Being turned to fight in the southern wars: Awful. Being turned by Maria: exceptionally awful. Alice owes her survival to one man, Major Jasper. Read Meeting Alice and Jasper from the story Carlisle and Esme by DiamondStarz99 (Daena Delaney) with reads. saga, twilight, vampire.

Carlisle seemed reluctant to go on. Esme put her arm on his shoulder, a comforting gesture. Renesmee is not human, rather a mix between Vampire and Human. She could put the pieces together. This Renesmee was the child that they spoke of. But she had never heard of such a rarity occurring.

Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale

And what kind of a name was Renesmee? He subconsciously wrapped an arm around Esme's waist. The way they moved…. They would even blink and shift around, unnerving her.

alice and jasper meet

They could be spies from Maria. But Alice couldn't help her curiosity.

alice and jasper meet

She slipped down to the the next branch, the air whistling around her, ruffling her cropped hair. She became pregnant, with a vampires baby. The 'son' thing was raising a few questions in her head. But a human getting knocked up with an immortals spawn?

Twilight - Jasper's Vampire Abilities & Powers

You were stuck forever in the time you were changed. It was strong, and violent to her mother. A human womb is not match for a vampire hybrid. Bella, my daughter-in-law, became very sick and weak. She couldn't eat, sleep, or move, some of the time. We had to give her human blood in order to sustain her. When the birth finally happened, she nearly died, but she was changed just in time. In the event this was all true and Carlisle wasn't spinning an elaborate lie, this Bella got a kid, and immortality.

It seemed a little unfair. Being only nineteen at the time of her transformation, she didn't know if she wanted children, but having the option lost to her was what had always bothered her. Carlisle, shifted slightly, uncomfortable under Alice's animalistic gaze. Her red eyes were literally bloodthirsty. She isn't stuck in a stasis of a immature mentality.

Alice and Jasper Meet the Cullens Chapter 1: Meeting the Cullens, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

A mistake was made, and we fear that if we don't have the numbers to give the Volturi pause, we won't get a chance to explain. She wouldn't be part of another army. Trying to calm her alarmed features, she focused on the crickets that were beginning to sound in the background. Carlisle shook his head reassuringly.

We aren't asking anyone to fight against their will. If it comes to a fight, which we pray it won't, everyone is free to leave. We just need numbers, showing how many agree with us. It was clear she cared a great deal about her coven. She was easy to read and that made her vulnerable. It had to be an act, vampires didn't get tired.

It could come to a fight. But let it be clear that we aren't asking you or anyone to fight if they don't wish to. She hoped her inner fear of the Volturi wasn't showing. Very clearly she declared, "I don't get involved with the Volturi.

More importantly, I don't get involved with people I don't know. Did he think this was funny? His whole coven was facing annihilation and he found this amusing?

She was getting bored and she felt very exposed talking to these two. So she gritted her teeth. He told us to say that he's calling in a favor. She tried to remain expressionless, but the mention of that name threw her. There was only one Jasper that she knew of. He had gone north and joined this hippy group of vampires that considered themselves a family. Her Sight was going crazy, giving her thousands of future possibilities.

It was giving her a headache. Jasper didn't have a long list, but you were included on his. He's asking for you to help us. Her Vision was getting clearer by the second. Her ways out of this were dwindling fast. It was getting harder to concentrate on the conversation that was happening before her. Forest floor beneath her feet…. Carlisle and Esme side by side….

I Felt Hope: An Alice & Jasper Story Chapter 1, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

The sign 'Welcome to Forks', standing out from the multitude of trees…. A beautiful child, hand on her cheek, sporting an angelic smile Her running alone, fast and far in the other direction Teeth sinking into a deer, disgust on her face The Major laughing…. Alice was alone, never having went with Carlisle or Esme.

Dark hotel rooms that she would break into…. The Volturi again across a large field; she had gone with them A dusting of snow on the ground…. Esme smiled and thrust her hand into her bag.

alice and jasper meet

She pulled out a small silvery object. It was a medal. Supposedly from when he was human. The sod hardly ever took it off his person. There was no question if it was him now. The Cullens were facing the Volturi…. She stood behind the Major Alice knocked her head against the tree trunk in frustration. There was only one possible future for her now.

She was going with the Cullens. Esme sheepishly returned the medal to her purse. Even if it's only to stand with us. Six months later, Alice experiences a vision of Bella jumping off a cliff, supposedly killing herself. Alice then races back to Forksbut instead finds Bella alive and well, thanks to Jacob pulling her out of the water. They then realize Alice cannot see the Quileute werewolves.

When Edward calls Bella's house, Jacob picks up the phone and tells him that Charlie was busy planning a funeral, Edward immediately assumes it to be Bella's, because Rosalie told him about Alice's vision.

Whilst on the plane, Alice promises over the phone to Jasper that if she is in danger, she will get out of there. But she also makes him promise not to come as well, as she believes that if the Volturi kill Edward, the rest of the family will fight them and Alice couldn't bear to lose him that way.

Thankfully, they do stop him in time. Alice is invited, along with Bella and Edward, to join the Volturi by the leader Aro. She declines, and the three are greeted by their family at the airport.

They then move back to Forks, where Bella casts her mortality to a vote: In the film adaption, Jasper is still in school. Whilst Alice jumps the staircase to get to Bella, Jasper simply walks down them. To make Alice happy, Jasper alters Bella's mood. Once Bella agrees to go to Alice's party, Alice walks to Jasper and listens as Bella tells Jasper not to alter her mood again.

alice and jasper meet

He almost tells her happy birthday but instead says "Happy… never mind" and walks off with Alice. Eclipse Edit Alice and Jasper share a moment after training to fight the army. In EclipseSeattle is being plagued by a string of mysterious but horrifying murders, and it is eventually revealed that it is the work of newborn vampires who are after Bella, because an older vampire stole a shirt with her scent on it. Since Jasper has experience in this area, Edward takes Bella to see him, and that is when she learns of Jasper's and Alice's past together.

Jasper talks of the newborn army he was in, his creatorand when he met Alice. He also explains the newborn blood lust to Bella. When Jacob stops Alice from walking off by putting his arm on the wall, Jasper appears behind him and he takes his arm away out of fear of losing it. This shows Jasper's protectiveness over Alice. The Cullens later band together with the werewolves, as Jasper trains them to fight the newborn army and with his military background, coordinates a perfect battle strategy.

This is where they conclude that it may be Victoria who has created the army. In the actual battle, Jasper is bitten as he tries to keep Alice out of harm and be "everywhere at once. Jasper is shown to be very wary of the newborns, as seen with Bree before she is killed by the Volturi. In the film adaption, Alice and Jasper turn up at school and announce they're throwing a graduation party.

At the graduation party, she has a vision and when she tells the others about it, Jasper seems concerned and they stand with each other. In the battle training, Jasper and Alice practice last. Jasper seems impressed as Alice keeps getting the better of him. He stops her and tries to kiss her, but she escapes and he starts worrying as to where she went.

She then jumps out of the tree onto his back and kisses him, putting her hand on his shoulder. Jasper tells Bella of his past and tells her of how he fell in love with Alice. Alice then turns up and they talk about how Jasper's past is behind him, and they kiss, making Bella uncomfortable. Alice first appears at the end of the battle when she is fighting the last of the army, noting as moving so fast it was hard for Bree to determine if she was a boy or a girl.

Jasper appears when Carlisle and Esme tell him to spare the newborn, and he grudgingly agrees to take care of her. They both eventually witness Bree's destruction after Carlisle's unsuccessful attempt to persuade the Volturi to spare her life.

While Bella is pregnant with Edward's hybrid baby, Jasper and Alice remain in the shadows while guarding the house from the Uley pack. At the end of the pregnancy, Bella gives birth to a girl, whom she names " Renesmee ", and Alice and Jasper come to love their newborn niece together.

At the wedding, Alice and Jasper dance an impressive dance before slow dancing together. When Jacob realizes Renesmee wants blood, Alice asks Jasper to walk with her and takes his hands, leading him away, so he won't be tempted. When Edward hears the wolves approaching, he calls for Alice and Jasper and the three of them face the wolves with Leah and Seth. They say how they're outnumbered.