Once you have the program up and running set the parameters for the new terminal connection to the following: Do an inquiry scan for default 11 seconds. In this case the Service-Master AIRcable would be configured with the PIN number of the scanner often “” with authentication enabled and it will automatically connect to the first scanner it finds. Set the baud rate while connected to this value. Where is all this stuff coming from and why is it being sent out? Upon start it will respond with: The command has to be completed within 3 seconds.

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On one device press the pairing button again short click to change the mode to master.

AIRcable USB5

I’ve even gone so far as to have my air cable hooked up between two comm ports, so I can send out on one and see it recieved on the other. I’ve been working on thos on and off for a few months while I have been developing the rest of my application, but have made little progress with this issue.

Preconfigured and Ready for Action. Once this sreial becomes inactive, the aircalbe is dropped.

Press and hold the pairing button for 5 seconds. The command line interface is available through the serial interface before the AIRcable device is connected.


AIRcable SerialWiFi

Connect as master command. Please contact us if you have any questions or visit our forums. Most terminal programs by default have what’s called aiircable turned off. Order it if you need an external power supply and cannot provide power to the AIRcable Serial modules through pin 9 of the DB9 connector. After that the devices hsb in manual mode again. This pairs the AIRcable with the partner specified with the address. Use “K1” to disable hardware handshake and “K0” to enable hardware handshake.

Otherwise the received characters are deleted and ignored. Every AIRcable SerialWifi is shipped with a free null-modem adapter that is used to convert the male serial plug to a female serial plug and a USB-power plug cable.

Do this on both devices that seroal going to be paired. Please note that NodeMCU firmware is usually configured for baud. It should be used in 3 wire serial connection applications. Upon start it will respond with: In cable-mode, two AIRcable devices are paired together and create a connection with one another so no other device can interfere.

[PATCH][RFC] Add AIRcable USB Bluetooth Dongle Driver []

The power light will go out briefly. Either a fixed digit number or an automatically generated 5 digit ID that will be added to the name to uniquely identify multiple Ajrcable. The manual mode is designed to give Bluetooth support to devices that cannot run a full Bluetooth stack.


Do an inquiry scan for default 11 seconds. Source code for all firmware versions and tools are available on Github.

Your satisfaction is very important to us, so please read this guide before installing your AIRcable modules. Any help, ideas would be greatly appreciated! In this case the Service-Master AIRcable would be configured with the PIN number of the scanner often “” with authentication enabled and it will automatically connect to the first zerial it finds.

Thank you for purchasing an AIRcable.

AIRcable – Long Range Bluetooth Devices

See our applications section to see a real-world applications of seria AIRcable Serial5. We’d appreciate your feedback. In this mode, only the SPP profile is active. Second letter specifies the port to connect to: I have no trouble with continuous communication with the device using these two ways at all. The AIRcable Serial5X has a rechargeable lithium polymere battery build-in and a range of m with our specifically optimized 4 inch antenna. In addition the module can be set into 5 different modes which allows it to be independent.

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