Lucasville ohio swap meet 2014

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lucasville ohio swap meet 2014

lucasville oh scioto county fairgrounds swap meet and poultry. Information on the Lucasville Flea Market - BackYard Chickens. SEPTEMBER -Illini. 8, ). In addition to the Economic. Development and Sustainabil- ity Committee, council also .. Mae Mullins of Lucasville and Virginia Met. Mother. Oh Sit! (N). The Carrie Diaries Seinfeld Seinfeld The. Office. The Trade or vocational training and certificates (hydraulics, pneu- matics, electrical. Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith French will serve as . Meetings are Fridays at AM in the Meeting Room of the Berry Center His song 'SEIGE AT LUCASVILLE', about the roaring drunk, swap stories, and flirt.

It is sure to be an exciting night of racing in the Modified division! Sport Mod Preview The Sport Mod division has taken SOS by storm over the past three seasons with great car counts and some of the most exciting racing of each race night. Last year was a historic season for the class with Emily Jordan becoming the first female track champion in SOS history. There is lots to be excited about again in for the Sport Mod class. The competition is sure to be great as well with Emily Jordan looking for two consecutive track championships while a host of strong cars look to put their name as the track champion at the end of the year.

Historically, Opening Night has been an important race for the Sport Mods as the Opening Night winner the past two seasons has went on to win the track championship Danny Hamilton inEmily Jordan in Opening Night, April 17th Event Preview: It will also kick off the Southern Ohio Championship Series, a year long series at the track that will feature the same high quality racing card for each event.

Opening Night, April 3rd Event Preview: This doubleheader event will take place at the same time with the track open for on track action and the swap meet in the outside pit area.

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Gates will open at With the low pit pass price, it also gives race fans who may not normally purchase a pit pass a chance to go into the pit area at a price cheaper than a normal general admission ticket.

Meet the Drivers Night Activities During intermission, all of the race cars will be brought onto the frontstretch and fans will be allowed onto the track for a 30 minute meet and greet session with their favorite drivers. This is a favorite among the fans and drivers both. Conley took the win on Meet the Drivers Night and will be looking for another win on Friday. Conley has won a race at SOS every season since the track has been reopened.

Lucasville Trade Days

One thing is for sure, the action will be very exciting in the Super Late Model division on Friday. So far, two time defending track champion Jeremy Rayburn has been tough to beat as he has won two of the first three feature events of the season. Emily Jordan has been the story this year in the Sport Mods as she has won three of the first four races of the season. Those wins have not came easy as Tony Whitt Jr. The class always produces close, exciting racing. The Bombers will race under Portsmouth Raceway Park rules and will use a car count based purse.

Max Strawn of Texas won the blue class with a blue pullet which also won res. Larry Clionsky from Pennsylvania won reserve with his cock. James Fegan from Michigan won the brown red class with a pullet shown in the trio.

lucasville ohio swap meet 2014

James also had reserve with his hen. Will Kitsch from Pennsylvania won both of the top spots in the buff with his pullet and cockerel respectfully. Larry Clionsky should be delighted to see his breeding doing so well for their new owners! The reserve was a pullet shown by John Blehm.

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John also won both of the top spots with the Silvers, with two pullets, respectfully. The reserve was a cockerel shown by Mindy Best of Ohio.

The two splash were selected for the best AOV, winning over the lavender. The wheaten class was won by Duane Schroeder of Indiana with his pullet. Paul and Angela Smith had reserve, also with a pullet. A great set of large fowl Ameraucanas which represented our breed well. Jerry DeSmidt had the top scoring bantams with his blue wheaten scoring 82, which moved them to the reserve display, over all displays. There were six entries of bantam eggs co-judged by Duane Schroeder and Paul Smith. There were 8 entries of large fowl eggs co-judged by Clif Redden and Jeff Vance.

The highest scoring hen eggs were shown by Larry Clionsky. Jean Ribbeck made the outstanding trophies for the egg contest and once again, John Blehm donated his Fowl Stuff hen boxes for all four winners. An annual meeting was held on the show grounds in an adjacent building.

Reinersville, Ohio trader days Saturday Memorial Day weekend

Everyone 37 people introduced themselves. Discussions were held about getting both lavender and splash recognized and the national meet.

lucasville ohio swap meet 2014

The announcement that Harold Knapp received the Lifetime Achievement award was made. Photos were made of the ABC members that were present. A raffle and silent auction of donated Ameraucanas raised over seven hundred dollars for the national meet awards.

Duffle bags and nice usable poultry related prizes were awarded to every ABC member who showed at Lucasville. Awards were presented to all the winners. A good meal and great time was enjoyed by those who attended.

Sunday morning the champions were selected by the panel of judges.

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Great wins for the Ameraucana breed! Coop out was announced and the coops were soon empty with all headed home. We only had 1, miles to get home! We left at Looking forward to hosting national. October 08, Below are pictures of some of our members and what they chose.

lucasville ohio swap meet 2014

October 07, Her name was drawn out of 72 new members who are all new to the ABC this year. Thanks to all who donated birds. She and her husband drove according to Google miles.

October 06, His reply was something along the lines of …Because of the people.

lucasville ohio swap meet 2014

That comment never really sank in until this past weekend. I have to say, it felt like a big family reunion with many smiling faces where I was finally able to meet many of those that I had only spoken to previously on the phone…and almost every member there was continually coming over to the table asking if there was anything they could do to help.

I also had the chance to talk with every Jr. There were many smiles, hand shakes, and hugs, and I want to personally thank everyone for making that experience a wonderful one. I also want to mention that things got a little hectic when it came time to hand out awards and I want to apologize that people had to wait, but it was amazing how the generous directorial experience of Paul Smith and Jerry DeSmidt was right there on hand when they stepped up and took charge to help get it better organized.

It was amazing to watch and has made a lasting impression in my heart forever.

lucasville ohio swap meet 2014

Thank you SO much! The ABC truly has some wonderful members who have now become as close to me as family. I now understand what you meant, Paul. October 01, Here is a link to their website: Eric Markley markley OhioNational. September 24, ,