Level 4 state meet illinois 2014 extension

Illinois 4-H State Robotics Competition | State 4H

level 4 state meet illinois 2014 extension

– Illinois State Series Email Regional Leo Sizes for Levels 9 & 10 to [email protected] Level 4 & 5 State Meet, March 22 – 24, official gymnastics program for girls and women of all levels of ability B. Providing for the expansion and improvement of gymnastics program. These tours are for dairy producers and industry personal to see In August , IEPA's livestock rules were made even more stringent to meet “Multiple agencies at both the federal and state level govern livestock production, giving Illinois a How can universities make dairy extension more relevant?.

Each team will have three rounds of performance judging, with time in between to make adjustments. The best score of the three rounds will be used.

level 4 state meet illinois 2014 extension

A note on variability: Remember that lighting and sound may differ at the competition from the conditions in which you tested your Envirobot program.

Consider covering your light and color sensors from surrounding light, and be prepared to make on-site adjustments as needed. Please note that there are several large overhead windows in the Orr Building. Teams will be allowed to bring their field into the judging room, however robot tables will not be provided so the field will need to be set up on the floor.

level 4 state meet illinois 2014 extension

If your team decides to do a presentation, it should be at the beginning of the session. Only team members are allowed in the judging room, no coaches, parents or siblings.

Illinois 4-H State Robotics Competition

This requirement is primarily a space issue — up to six teams will be in each judging room. See the video at this link for tips on printing programs for an NXT robot. Teams will then be given 15 minutes to present their solution to the judges using a PowerPoint presentation.

Teams will be judged based on the following categories and sub categories: Effectiveness, Efficiency, Kids do the Work Motivation: Inclusion, Respect, Cooperation Judges Questions: Thoroughness It is expected that each team will spend a good deal of time researching and developing a specific solution to the problem they choose.

level 4 state meet illinois 2014 extension

If the solution is a product, your team is encouraged to go as far in the engineering design process as possible, all the way up to actually prototyping your solution. If your solution is nonphysical, you are still expected to go as far as possible in the engineering design process. General Rules Teams must consist of at least three youth with a maximum of ten youth aged Any commercially available or homemade robot may be used and any material may be used in the construction of the robot and field.

This is also your opportunity to be creative in designing your field and robot.

2018 – 2019 Illinois State Series

Alternatively, teams can practice and design without a table, however at the competition event, robots must be able to run on a field with walls. It is suggested that teams that are practicing without a table use boxes, 2x4s or a wall to simulate the competition table walls to be sure robots stay within the bounds of the field.

While you may use up to two Envirobots to complete many of the tasks, only one Envirobot may be scoring at a time. This means that only one Envirobot can be performing a task that yields points at a time with the exception of tasks 5 and 6. At the competition there will only be one judge with one set of eyes on your playing field.

Envirobot 2 can be moving into position to begin a task while Envirobot 1 is working on a task, but Envirobot 2 cannot begin the task until Envirobot 1 has completed its task. For your points to be considered, each action must be done in succession not necessarily in order. This means that you do not have to do task 1 then task 2, but rather can complete each task in whatever order you want. Louis relies on local property taxes to provide just 16 percent of its per-student spending.

Take the elementary school district in Kenilworth, one of the wealthiest districts in the state. The above examples show how education funding works in Illinois.

A more accurate account of state support of education requires some adjustments to aggregate spending.

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Removing property-wealthy districts from the total. Reclassifying property replacement tax revenues as state revenues.

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Harvey School District depends on the state for 67 percent of its revenues. Only 50 percent of its revenues come from local property taxes.

But the opposite is true. That can be seen in an Illinois heat map that captures the average income tax paid per return by ZIP code. Nor is the problem an overall lack of funds.

level 4 state meet illinois 2014 extension

Illinois also needs to dramatically reduce the amount of bureaucracy in education. Pension costs are changing the education funding landscape. Teachers in the wealthiest districts tend to have higher salaries, and therefore higher pensions. Conversely, California school districts average 6, students.

level 4 state meet illinois 2014 extension

An additional layer of administration for these districts is inefficient. In the New Trier area, six different K-8 school districts feed into a single high school district. That would save local taxpayers millions of dollars a year, just from the reduction in superintendent compensation. But reducing the number of duplicative superintendents is only a start.

In all, New Trier-area taxpayers could save millions in salary costs annually if the number of administrative staff were cut in half through consolidation.