Emblem3 meet and greet photos 2014

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emblem3 meet and greet photos 2014

To enter, all you had to do was comment on a recent picture on the band's official app stating why Is it impossible for a fan to date Drew or other brother duo Wes and Keaton? WESLEY (@wesleystromberg) May 14, Along with that came a small acoustic tour. Then on November 3, , Emblem3 fans rejoiced when they made e3 meet and greet photo. 5 Things You Didn't Know About Emblem3 and MKTO. Tour Diaries: 5 Backstage Secrets From Emblem3 & MKTO's Tour. By Alex Abel. Apr 9, The names Emblem3 and MKTO automatically translate Photo Credit: Columbia Records.

It all went down at Varsity Theatre in Minneapolis last Thursday. We were so excited to get there early in the afternoon to line up so we could get a good spot at the general admission show.

emblem3 meet and greet photos 2014

While we waited in line, we saw Jordan from The Ready Set the opening act walk by multiple times as he went to and from their bus and venue. When the doors opened for the concert and we got inside the venue, we were pretty darn close to the stage. Once Emblem3 took the stage, the whole energy inside the venue shifted.

emblem3 meet and greet photos 2014

Everyone was singing along to the songs at the top of their longs, jumping and dancing. Whenever the guys would come to the end of the stage, girls would rush forward to just have a chance of touching them or holding their hand. I loved every moment of it. The show went by way too quickly. I would have been more than content if they would have played their entire set like two or three times. But I love their energy, stage presence and Californian vibe. It was awesome to see the boys again.

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The band broke up shortly after I saw them in so once they announced they were back together and starting a new tour, I had to be there. Especially with my cousin. We had such a fun time during the show and loved being so close to them. After awhile, the number of fans outside started to dwindle and more of the crew were making their way to and from the bus and concert venue. At that point, we were on a full adrenaline rush and determined to find the boys.

His favourite movies are the Disney films: Drew has a man crush on American folk singer-songwriter Jack Johnson. He has lots of tattoos and these include symbols of compassion and hope.

At just 12 years old, Drew composed his first song.

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He loves books and one of his favourite authors is Osho. He tries to eat all natural foods when he can and the majority of stuff he eats is organic.

emblem3 meet and greet photos 2014

As a child, Drew was always curious and he used to ask his dad philosophical questions. He can play many instruments including the: At just six years old, Keaton got a passion for music and started playing the piano.

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Keaton loves cats and he has a pet one called Zuni. Owl City and Blink are two of his biggest musical influences. Then on November 3,Emblem3 fans rejoiced when they made a private e-mail announcement that they were working on a new album and tour for At a time when a lot of artists are turning away from free music streaming outlets, Drew, Wesley, and Keaton are embracing it.

The band released a self-titled app, on February 14,in which fans can stream their new and old music for free, chat with the guys and fellow fans, and be the first to see exclusive content. Along with this announcement, the Waking Up Tour announcement soon followed, which leads me to the following review of the Atlanta show.

emblem3 meet and greet photos 2014

We stood second row right in front of the stage as the guys chatted back and forth with fans and sang a few songs acoustically. Next up was the meet and greet! This was one of the things that really bothered me, but oh well, we still got to go in before general admission ticket holders did.