Capricorn relationship in 2014

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capricorn relationship in 2014

Kate Middleton is a capricorn while Prince Williams is cancer - a perfect astrological match [GETTY]. Discover what the future holds for you in. The relationship of Leo and Capricorn can be quite challenging, with both signs so strong willed and unmovable. However, if they find the same goal, there is. When Virgo and Capricorn join together in a love match, theirs is a pragmatic, smart relationship. Both Signs are highly rational, and both expect a lot of.

Its symbol of two fish, joined together but swimming in opposite directions, is an apt one because your birthday finds you looking back at the past year while preparing for the next. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is a water sign. Sensitive and dreamy, those born in this group tend to be highly imaginative and artistic. You may be drawn to nursing and welfare work, you are sensitive, caring, intuitive, romantic and impressionable, excel in empathy and understanding, and can on a bad day be emotionally demanding and clingy.

The good news is that your creative talents will provide a money-making opportunity from August — make sure you take it. A few of the most famous celebrities born under the sign are In years to come Still looking for someone special in your life?

Your finances should improve in and that dream holiday just might become a reality in In love Pisceans yearn for fairytale romance. In return, you promise a lifetime of love and devotion. Your home is informal but comfortable and welcoming, with bright, fresh colours and decorative seaside touches.

Star style You love to wear the softest, silkiest fabrics. Your favourite styles are loose and free-flowing, reflecting your dreamy and artistic nature. Sea green and eau de nil are your true colours. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is associated with leadership, initiative and fresh starts. Ruled by Mars, god of war, Aries is symbolised by the ram. Like Leo and Sagittarius, this sign belongs to the fire element — hot, passionate, enthusiastic and eager.

Those born into this group are the movers and shakers of the world. As an Aries you need a job that challenges you mentally and physically, you are competitive and self-motivated, excel in positions of leadership where you can mastermind new projects and delegate the mundane tasks to others and can on a bad day be pushy, impatient and downright aggressive.

Compromise is not your forte. Your workload increases inrelationships sweeten in and your horizons expand in After that, you either lose a fortune or find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You love to lead from the front, but being pushy between March and May will create conflict, especially in close relationships. In July, you get into the party groove and let your hair down. A partner who keeps you on your toes is what you need most.

You have a talent for home improvement — and since you love the outdoors, a garden, a barbecue and a shed full of kit is essential.

capricorn relationship in 2014

If you had your way, life would be one long adrenaline rush — just try to remember that not everyone shares your adventurous spirit. Whatever the occasion or the season, strong colours suit you best, and you always feel good in red or black.

An earth sign, like Virgo and Capricorn, Taurus represents fertility and tender growth, as the land is greening and the sap is rising.

capricorn relationship in 2014

Ruled by gentle Venus with her sense of promise, Taurus is nevertheless symbolised by the bull: Taureans are the builders of this world — but they can be obstinateand resistant to change. As a Taurean you need a job with security, you are hard-working, dependable and the backbone of the workforce, excel in the arts, creative occupations and financial positions where your prudence and honesty come to the fore, can on a bad day be slow, tenacious, dogmatic and downright stubborn.

In years to come The seeds you sow now will blossom inand romance beckons in The year ahead Practical, level-headed and down-to-earth, you know how to use your creative talents to best effect.

Your stamina and determination will help you at work through the first half of this year when demands come thick and fast. August brings expansion of home and family — perhaps news of a new arrival.

Your partner has to tick all the right boxes and this takes time. At home Taureans like their comforts and their food so the kitchen is your pride and joy. Your decor is traditional and your colour palette is a mix of earth tones with delicate pinks, blues and greens. Your garden is a picture, too. For fun You love gardens and gardening, and you like your entertainments to be refined rather than adrenaline-fuelled.

A bracing walk in lovely scenery is just the thing to get your blood pumping. The throat is the body area associated with this sign, so Taureans are drawn to neckwear. Soft blues and pastels are your colours. Ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the gods, Gemini belongs to the air element — like Libra and Aquarius — and is associated with communications. It is the first of the mutable signs that represent flexibility and adaptability. Those born into this group are talkers and thinkers and they retain a youthful quality into old age.

As a Gemini you need a job with plenty of variety, you are able to multi-task and work under stress, excel in communications and positions where you deal with members of the public, and can on a bad day be poor on attention to detail, too talkative and too quick to take shortcuts.

In years to come This year sees you mixing with a new crowd. Your family looks likely to grow inwhile relationships are enriched in Plan that dream holiday for The year ahead You are active and always on the go but avoiding travel in February will save you a lot of hassle.

Spring will be an eventful time romantically, too, and in May others find you extra-desirable. In fact, your differences may be appealing. Your desire for pleasure, ease, and affection is brought to the fore and may interfere with work or complicated situations in which you need to be acting assertively and on your own behalf.

Your mood and attitude is conciliatory, and your need for love and approval heightened. By expressing and emphasizing your domestic qualities, devotion, quietness, nurturing qualities. The relationship is likely to be sentimental, and perhaps somewhat insular. A romance begun now might be characterized by sensitivity, concern, and care on the positive side, but it could also be a moody, clinging one. If you are looking for a romance that might lead to marriage and family, this is a favorable time.

Enjoying domestic activities together, nesting, spending quiet time together, expressing nurturing and protective traits towards a lover. This is not a time to push yourself or to be involved in activities that require intense competition or a great expenditure of energy. Cooperative, harmonious personal and professional relationships are more important to you at this time. A very easygoing and easy energy is with you now. At places of entertainment or amusement, parties.

By expressing and emphasizing your playful, dramatic, spontaneous, and fun-loving qualities. Usually very romantic, rich, playful, and full. They radiate energy and pride. They may also be quite dramatic or melodramatic. Dining out, going to shows, sharing pleasurable activities together, expressing your romantic and spontaneous side. Relationships are thus apt to be smooth, but this may well come at a cost to you.

Horoscope Capricorn

You may be at peace with others and at war with yourself; you may go along with something now that you will kick yourself for later. Choose your company carefully.

Spending time with those you truly trust and enjoy should be no problem, however. A strong need for harmony, affection, approval or belongingness colors your attitude and decisions now. Some awkwardness when it comes to romantic expression; feeling misunderstood.

capricorn relationship in 2014

Not an ideal time to make your move. At or through work, the gym, health food store or association, medical appointments.

By expressing and emphasizing your dedication, practicality, work ethic. Sharing, or taking interest in, daily routines and activities, performing services or little chores for a lover. Also, your desire for beauty stimulates your creativity. If you are artistic, your work will be particularly inspired now. Indulging in your desire for beauty or luxury is likely at this time. This is a very positive time in your marriage or closest one-to-one relationships.

Mercury is a pragmatic, communicative energy and Saturn a cool energy.

The Capricorn Experience: Capricorn&Leo Compatibility

Mercury is about being communicative. Saturn is about hard work and discipline to achieve goals. Virgo will show Capricorn the virtues of hard work and assist in keeping the relationship, business or home front a well-oiled machine.

2014 Horoscope Capricorn

Capricorn can teach Virgo discipline and the focus needed to achieve goals. Together this couple will share a life of domestic and romantic bliss.

Virgo and Capricorn are both Earth Signs. In addition to order and succinctness, Virgo-Capricorn partners usually surround themselves with tasteful and discriminating possessions.