Rhinebeck grand national meet 2012


rhinebeck grand national meet 2012

Thread: Ironhead Sportsters at Oley National Meet (PHOTOS) . Rhinebeck Grand National Super Meet Auction. By tim talleur in forum. AMCA Grand National at Rhinebeck. by Jeff Alexander. | 9/25/ PM Chapter President Dan Henke about the meet, held June , propagacni.info JUNE Top. X Rhinebeck Grand National Antique Motorcycle Show & Swap Meet. Fri & Sat, June 8.

Tickets are now on sale. The race is April 19 to April 21, This is a great opportunity to prepare your bikes for the riding season. Do you own maintenance, with experienced Ducati mechanics to help you out. Registration deadline August 15, As the best part of the riding season arrives we welcome you to join us as we celebrate and showcase our recent addition of Ducati Motorcycles as well as existing Suzuki and Kawasaki machines here at Hudson Valley Motorcycles.

The event is hosted by Dobbs Dawg House, local hot dog shop. Come by and grab some of Dobbs Dawg House amazing hot dogs and refreshments as well as raffles and some smoking hot deals. Any questions, call Hudson Valley at Italian vehicles, 2 and 4 wheeled, are invited to participate in an Italian experience.

Car and Motorcycle Show Saturday 1 - 3 pm. For more information or to register your vehicle, contact Tracy Paige. For general information about the Festival, please contact Mary Jane.

This is a great opportunity to see your friends, meet new riders, and show off your bikes. All-you-can-eat BBQ buffet, door prizes galore, and tons of fun.

rhinebeck grand national meet 2012

This year's event features classic motorcycles of all makes and styles, and honors the riders who made them famous. Activities include the AMA Racing Vintage Grand Championships, which include roadracing, motocross, hare scrambles, trials and dirt-track; North America's largest motorcycle swap meet; bike shows and awards; stunt shows; demo rides of current production bikes; and seminars on a number of topics by noted motorcycling experts.

Airy Lodge in the Poconos. This is the largest 3 day Italian motoring event in North America, and will feature Italian's most exotic vehicles. They will be hosting a collection of the Delaware Valley's most desireable and collectable bikes. A concours will be held in the morning with prizes awarded and great music and vendors will be there all afternoon. The first World Ducati Week was held in to thank all the people who helped make Ducati famous throughout the world and to celebrate their passion for motorbikes and anything Desmo.

Always a great chance to party and have fun, in this event, by now nothing short of a "saga", will celebrate its 7th edition. History buffs will not only enjoy the historic property but will have the opportunity to meet people associated with early Indians and George Hendee and see their memorabilia.

It is a unique experience for collectors and enthusiasts of all ages to admire machinery and see a story about the rapid movement in technology, style and performance of motorcycles over a span of three decades.

A show like this simply doesn't exist anywhere else. For info on submitting your motorcycle for consideration, or viewing the exhibit, please visit Martin Motorsports.

It focuses on the development and changes the squad went through over decades of work in providing motorcade escorts to prominent New York visitors presidents to popeshighway patrol, and regular policing. The exhibit includes vintage motorcycle memorabilia, including old leather and wool uniforms; photographs, scrapbooks, and works on paper; and a documentary film with interviews with former NYPD motorcycle patrolmen.

There are 4 NYPD motorcycles in the exhibit: Click for more information.

rhinebeck grand national meet 2012

This exhibition offers an exhilarating look at the motorcycle - its origins, engineering innovations, customization, and, of course, bike culture. From a Thomas Auto-Bi to motorcycles owned by celebrities such as Malcolm Forbes to contemporary custom choppers, On the Road examines important milestones of motorcycle history. There will be 5 trophy classes by manufacturing year; trophies are peoples choice.

For more information, please email Rick Sanders.

General Info & Sponsorship

Trackday, auction, AHRMA races, swap meet, air show, vintage fire truck display, motocross races, and bike shows. This is not an event to be missed. Ride on Saturday, then show your bike on Sunday. On display will be a stunning collection of rare Ducati motorcycles covering the entire history of the famed brand from Bologna.

David Hailwood, the son of the late, great Mike "The Bike" Hailwood, is the special motorcycle guest. In order to exhibit your motorcycle at Radnor Hunt, you must submit a registration form in advance.

This year's exhibit will feature Italian great Ducati. Since the s, Ducati has been known for performance, and they'll have examples of some of the company's greatest creations. Saturday evening, August 13th, we'll have our "Kick Start" Party with special guest of honor Cook Neilson, legendary Ducati racer and journalist.

He'll be reunited with his Ducati SS, one of the most sought-after models.

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Tickets available for purchase through Thursday, August 11th. This is our biggest event of the season - always a fantastic way to meet members, show off your bike, and sample some of the best roads in the Hudson Valley. An event not to be missed. This year's event celebrates years of Chevrolets, while other featured marques include Ducati motorcycles. For information entering your concours-quality vintage Ducati, please contact Richard Lentinello. This is the longest-running motorcycle event in North America.

Two-wheeled fans can enjoy three days of side-by-side racing from the professionals of the American SportBike Racing Association; the experts, amateurs and novices of the Loudon Road Race Series and the fan-favorite sidecar racers from the Sidecar Racers Association and the United States Classic Racing Association. This features the "Motorcycle Timeline," the largest and finest showing of running Antique Motorcycles to ever be seen in one place at the same time! A day for Italian bike owners to get together to enjoy and show off their bikes, to see and demo ride some of the latest Italian models, and to give the public an opportunity to see these gorgeous pieces of Italian mechanical art.

Free admission, plenty of motorcycle-only parking, factory displays and demo rides. This is the perfect time and place to perform your bike's spring maintenance. The museum features over motorcycles fromincluding police, military, sidecars, and trikes.

Read more about the collection and museum. We've been celebrating our ten year anniversary all year long - and will close out the celebration in style. Information on signing up will be announced in early October. Head over on your vintage ride, or come out and check out the bikes. It's a great way to speak with the owners, ask questions, and compare the machines. Details will post as soon as they're available.

Email us for info on how to participate. The Red Planet Returns Start your engines for World Ducati Weekthe premiere Ducati bike meet that has motorcyclists and fans of all ages flocking to Italy from all over the world. Hosted at the Misano World Circuit over four-days, and featuring a program of fun-filled, action-packed bike-themed events. Admission is also free for all U.

A great place to learn how to work on your bike, and a great time to perform vital maintenance, before the season kicks into high gear.

While this is knowledge no one ever wants to use, it could be deadly not to know. We'll host this again! I will counter with the following which are factual. None of the current village board members held office when 14 Center Street was purchased.

The village board at that time purchased it with the intent of converting it to a police station the original idea. Staley contradicts himself by saying building anything in these times is not a good idea yet he proposes to do exactly that, build a public safety building.

He also contradicts himself by saying we should not maintain a second building. Again he proposes to do exactly that. Contradiction number three no water and sewer hookups, I do not care what you build you need water and you need sewage disposal. Village Hall in not a good place for our Fire Department? The Rhinebeck Fire Department has been housed in the current municipal building since it was constructed and dedicated in Apparently it was a good idea then.

I have been on the board since and not once has anyone ever expressed to me that there is a safety issue regarding the location of the Fire Department. The fire department primarily serves the Village and is basically centrally located and that alone allows for more efficient operations from a response time perspective and a cost of operation due to mileage, fuel expense etc.

Are police cars not emergency vehicles and they are okay but fire trucks are not? The current Village Municipal building is 11, square feet. The Village offices occupy approximately 3, square feet. If we follow Mr. We would need to purchase yet another piece of property, construct the new facility, incur the expense to retro fit the downstairs of the Village Hall to a police department if after paying for a feasibility study that would show we could do so, and still have a dilapidated building at 14 Center Street to deal with.

This new facility would be much larger and significantly more expensive to construct and maintain. Staley suggests that a lease between the Village and the state could recoup the funds.

We would be a landlord and the state would pay us rent. They would not absorb the cost of the land or the part of the building we would inhabit, our taxpayers would. The village board has been working for nearly two years now on how best to provide for the needs of our community as it applies to police services.

We have been taking a very slow methodical approach and have looked at several options which include: After looking at all these options we have determined that the most cost effective solution that suits the need of our community while minimizing the impact to our taxpayers is option d.

We have taken a slow methodical approach and consulted with architects, engineers, the planning board and the village attorney to reach this conclusion. We have discussed this at Village Board meetings, conducted workshops and it has been aired on Panda TV and is a matter of public record. We are still in a discovery phase and have no formal proposal as to what construction costs will be.

Before we request an RFP for construction we need to deal with the legal requirements for demolition of the existing structure. In the same February 29, Hudson Valley News article Brenda Klaproth states if elected one of her goals is to increase communication with village residents. She said things related to the police department proposal and newly revamped sidewalk law are things that have been studied in the past, yet the current administration is not engaging those community members who previously studied it.

I will counter with the following: The village formerly shared a website with the town. It was operated and maintained by a group of volunteers formed by the Town. There is a link on the home page for minutes and agendas. Once agendas are finalized they are posted. Board meeting minutes are posted to the website after they are voted on and approved. They are not posted to the website until after the following months board meeting when they are approved.

There is an archive of all minutes since the site was launched. There is an opt in subscription feature so that those that desire to stay informed may receive information.

If it was none of the Village Board would be in favor of taking it down. It is a contributing building to the Historic District but not protected. The current Village Board passed a Historic Preservation law in for the express purpose of protecting the historic character of our village. As a governmental agency we had no obligation to abide by this law we enacted. None the less we made a conscious decision to follow the law and requested a demolition permit from the planning board, which was granted for the demolition of 14 Center Street.

Even if 14 Center Street was preserved it would not meet the code required by law for the police. The Village Board has engaged the people. We formed a Pedestrian Task Force comprised of a group of local individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise to study sidewalks.

That remains ongoing and we are hopeful will provide ideas for how we can work together to provide better service and increase efficiencies. Things may have been studied in the past but nothing was done.

The Village Board formed a Finance and Controls committee. We formed a group to look at the possible consolidation of the Rhinebeck, Hillside and Rhinecliff Fire Departments and that process is ongoing.

The response has been phenomenal and neither Mr. This village board is pro active and gets things done. Doing nothing is not an option. That is exactly what the Village Board has been trying to do over the last several years. The fairgrounds are and have been a non conforming use in the residential zone ever since our first zoning law was written.

Due to that fact, the Fairgrounds is not allowed to increase the intensity of their use. That means no growth, no building, and no more events. The law was never enforced. Why I do not know. I am not the one to ask.

AMCA Grand National Meetup 2013

However I will state that the current village board does enforce the laws of this community and does so equally and fairly across the board. Everyone is on a level playing field. To do less is irresponsible. It is obvious that the Fairgrounds are zoned improperly. It is not realistic to expect them to be successful and support the families that derive a living from the fairgrounds, bring tourists to our Village which creates revenue for our business community while at the same time we handcuff them with an outdated zoning law.

We have been trying to facilitate this and I am confident we are now moving in the right direction. This is a process that requires a willingness to keep an open mind, careful thought, a willingness to make concessions and strike a balance for the entire community.

rhinebeck grand national meet 2012

We are all partners in this and the decisions we make will impact all of us and will do so for years to come. It is a negotiation that must and will take place, and I state without reservation that we will be successful as long as we abide by these principles. The village code is clear in that it places responsibility for upkeep and maintenance on the adjoining property owner. When you buy a piece of property you assume that responsibility. If you do not want the responsibility of maintenance of the sidewalk than you have the option of renting.

The village board formed the Pedestrian Task Force to look at the issues surrounding sidewalks. Believe me when I say, this a very complex issue and may have been studied in the past but never in such a comprehensive and thoughtful manner. The bottom line is the village board is serious about fixing sidewalks. If we do not it is only a matter of time before there is lawsuit.

Rhinebeck National Meet: Vintage 1930 Henderson Art Deco Motorcycle

Grant funding has basically dried up and we need to do something. Again doing nothing is not an option. The Village Board holds meetings and workshops on a continuing basis. We follow all public meeting law requirements. This includes posting at Village Hall, newspaper notifications and on the website calendar feature.

As needed I do press releases to all the media outlets which are also posted on the website. All our meetings are open door and quite frankly Mr. Klaproth do not attend. This is not uncommon as most of the time there are only two individuals that attend our meetings on a regular basis, they being Heinz Sauer and Jack Varricchio. Gentleman we all thank you for your support.

I think it is campaign double speak for consult with them. I will counter with: I am highly offended and take umbrage with the fact that Mr. Klaproth have chosen to now include our Village Clerk Gail Haskins in their campaign nonsense.

I have had the pleasure of working with Gail for 5 years and over that time she has been the most conscientious, dedicated and hardworking Clerk that we could ask for.

For them to include Gail in their political spin is inexcusable. Ditto for Richard Olson the Village Attorney, a man that I have the utmost respect for and who has served admirably with the highest of degree of professionalism one could expect.

Neither of these individuals is in an elected position and to include them and attack them is quite frankly way out of line. Who are you running against? As far as this institutional memory thing I am only guessing that this means consult with our predecessors. The fact is on a continuing basis the Village Board has used the expertise, memory and knowledge of former Mayor Peter Sipperly.

He has wealth of information regarding the Village of Rhinebeck based on the fact that he is a life long resident, former small business owner and served the community for over 30 years. Klaproth only need to ask him and I am sure he will confirm this. Klaproth bothered to consult with his Mr. Staley can confirm that when Valerie retired I presented her with a letter which thanked her for all her years of service and also for the help she had given me.

They suggest we should more diligently consult former officials and volunteers regarding structure demolition. We did not have a law as a Village, who were we to consult? We should do the same for historic zoning. As previously stated, it may have been looked at but nothing was done. We are taking action. Who are we to consult and for what purpose.

It is unfit for Village purposes. We have had to face the issue and have done so. Are you kidding me? Work too well together? There is no such thing as working too well together. This board is made up of five individuals and we all are independent thinkers.

We go through a process where by everyone gets to share their ideas, discuss options and only after thoughtful and careful consideration do we reach a conclusion. We do not always agree and if we do not, we always respectfully agree to disagree. Not once have we had a heated exchange, which is good because that would only serve increase tension and divide us.

Rubber stamp each others proposals? No how, no way, no time. Not what we are made of. My answer to that once again is that this was discussed at multiple Village Board meetings.

We held work shop meetings. It was advertised in the newspapers, posted at Village Hall and on the website. We did a press release to the newspaper and held a public hearing which is exactly what we are required by law to do.

Finally people showed up and voiced their opinions. We held another public hearing in order to give people more time to comment.

Rhinebeck Grand National Meet

We have now formed a steering committee to look further at the issue. We have followed process, complied with the legal requirements, most importantly listened to the people and will move forward. Klaproth do not think we need one. Again I respect their opinion. However there are many who think we do. The current Village Board has a proven track record. We have taken on and faced all the challenges, no matter the difficulty. You name it, police station, fairgrounds, sidewalks, drainage, planning and zoning, historic preservation, fire service, solid waste we have been willing to look at and do something when it needs to be done.