Portland international raceway swap meet 2012 dodge

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portland international raceway swap meet 2012 dodge

City of Portland, Oregon – FY –11 Adopted Budget i. Table of .. Portland International Raceway Fund . additional Community Gardens to meet the City's Climate Action goals of 1, . The Streetcar to OMSI will begin operations in September of swap or related financial instruments covered in this policy. Since that first meeting, both Kyle and Scion were interested in working This past weekend, we were out at Portland International Raceway for After the last event, Kyle needed to swap in an HKS 5-speed sequential transmission. A client recently sent his Dodge Challenger SRT to us to have an. zines' home office in Portland, OR, at a booth — so stop by and Swap Meet and Car Corral and our Spring Auction at the 4 SPRING CARLISLE propagacni.info Chevrolet. Bel Air 2-dr hard top. $68, 4/21/ S Dodge ITW GLOBAL BRANDS SUNDANCE VACATIONS SPEEDWAY.

By following this link or clicking on the picture below, readers may view a gallery of Mike Bade's photos. The Host region for the meet was the Detroit Region, who started organizing the meet four ago to prepare for the late July meet, this included the current POC President Russ Nardi, who had a hand in the preparations of the meet.

Of course they all asked about our own, Bill Call, who had made quit the impression on everyone on both tours. Four members of the Cascade Region traveled to the meet. We also walked around the park like setting and looked at the beautiful rhododendrons, fir trees and other native plants as well as many pieces of religious art. After our tour of the Grotto, we went to the Olive Garden near Mall for lunch. It was a perfect day for the tour.

Follow this link or click on the picture to see more photos of the trip. On our way to the meet we toured the Great Lakes around Wisconsin and Michigan, toured the Northern Peninsula of Michigan, and we rode the magnificent old ferry, the SS Badger on a four hour ferry ride across Lake Michigan.

On the way home, we took the modern and much faster Lake Express ferry across Lake Michigan. We also detoured to Reno, Nevada on our return trip to visit some old family friends. Total round trip was 6, miles; 15 states; 24 days. We saw a lot of magnificent country and met many truly wonderful people.

On two different occasions we decided to drive all night in order to avoid degree weather in Utah, Nevada and California. In these instances, we would wait for the sun to go down before proceeding on our trip. On the all night run between Reno and Roseburg, we took a roundabout route to avoid the heavy smoke from forest fires. We experienced a number of rain storms on our trip, the fiercest of which was in Michigan.

Then there was that sand storm in northern Nevada. In addition to the sand, tumbleweeds were flying across the road, several of which hit our car. The biggest challenge to our Plymouth was the many long and steep mountain grades. Quite a number of these grades required miles of driving in second gear at 30 miles per hour. Plymouth built great cars. There is more to tell, but I told Robin that I could be succinct. It was a great adventure.

July 14, — Philomath Frolic D. The business coupe is familar to CPPC members; the sedan, a fairly recent garage find, will be less so. In each case, the cars were able to rejoin and finish what was a fairly long parade, and the Freemans took home a blue ribbon for their entry.

Old cars line the streets. There's a parade, and a street fair. Registration for the car show includes a full meal choice of beef or chickenand live music plays all day. Gary Rusher came home with an award for his Plymouth U business coupe.

Plymouth, the bread-and-butter make of Chrysler Corporation sincehas been an orphan make sinceso the reward was appropriate. We were glad to see Gary Rusher's Plymouth U Coupe on the field — the first time it has been out of the garage in a couple of years. This Orphan Meet was the last, at least in current form. See pictures by Ed Salia and Gary Rusher at this link.

portland international raceway swap meet 2012 dodge

Dave and Linda Surmon met us at the museum. The story of Aurora is unusual in two ways. First, instead of isolated settlers, the Aurora group deliberately brought an entire town, from blacksmith to brass band, and they had an immediate economic impact on the territory. Second, the town operated as a commune for the first 25 years of its existence. Curator Patrick Harris treated the group to a tour of the 5-building museum complex in Aurora. Around lunchtime, the group drove to the Stauffer-Will Farm, south of Aurora, where Cheryl Burks, an Aurora Colony Historical Society volunteer, had the woodstove going and biscuits in the oven.

Special treatment, because Cheryl is a friend of Donna Bade's, and perhaps because Robin is one of "those" Wills. The day was special because it was the 40th anniversary of the date when Elaine Huber bought her Plymouth Satellite.

Jim Wheat took lots of pictures, and they're at this link. We were happy to meet new members Clark and Diane Taylor from Washougal. Bob Maker drove his Viper powered Studebaker Sedan Delivery and joined our small but enthusiastic group. Don Smith joined us at Monitor driving his beautiful Dodge Sedan. The tulip fields were absolutely stunning even with the blowing wind and muddy rows.

Boots were a very popular wardrobe accessory. We did some shopping no wind in the crowded gift shop!

Portland Swap Meet

We actually had no rain, and the wind did not deter us from gazing at the incredibly beautiful fields of rainbow like colors of tulips. Our three cars brought lots of attention — and the possibility of three new members.

PIR Auto Swap Meet Time-Lapsed with over 20,000 digital images by PIRLIVE

Gary Rusher, the tour host, couldn't remember when it started but it was a long time event when he took over as chief in They are still at it loud and strong. This lady has a large 40X96 car barn with a nice collection of about 10 cars, but a lot of other wonderful stuff as well, including an entire replica Coke-a-Cola soda shop. The car collection tended toward Fords modified to go fast, but the hostess' mom's T-Bird was there, looking glorious, and also a prize-winning LaSalle convertible.

The hosts requested that, due to privacy concerns, no pictures of their collection appear on the Internet, and we're not identifying them by name, either.

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All we took away was memories. The picture was taken in the parking lot of the fire station at Brooks, after the CPPC gang had done serious damage to an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast. We had 15 members and a few friends of Tom Shepherd attend the early morning visit. Frank was a successful businessman, who owned an auto parts business and property in Southeast Portland.

List of NASCAR tracks

He and his brother had an interest in Pre-War toys, padlocks and banks, just to mention a few of the thousands of treasures that are on display at there museum. Frank tells the story that he and his brother would go, most weekends to toy conventions and bring home suitcases of toys and then go the next weekend, during the conventions season, year after year. Click here or on the picture to see the gallery of Mike Bade's photos. The toy museum is full of some of the most amazing cast iron early pre-war toys, one might ever see, not just one or two, but groups of the same type of toy.

It is hard to know where to start looking, at the start, just when you have though you saw everything, there is more to see, which is only part of Frank and his brothers collection. Frank has enlisted the help of his family to keep the museum open. A recent family tragedy in lateleft the museum in limbo, not able to be open regularly. Efforts of find other family members to help keep the museum open are forthcoming.

Frank has enlisted his grand children to help with cataloguing, unseen inventory and hopefully, you may be able to enjoy even more in the future. For sure we will have to have another visit to Kidds in the future, or you should try to go on your own, take the grandchildren.

The museum is registered as non profit, future generations will be able to enjoy Frank and his brothers treasures. February 24, — Stan Adams collection of cars and petroliana By Mike Bade The second stop on the February 25 tour the Stan and Sheryl Adams car Museum, as he calls it, a mile drive from our first stop. Stan Adams and his wife Sheryl are native Portland residents. Stan and his wife had a successful tire business on the East side of downtown Portland.

After selling their business they have enjoyed being able to collect a variety of collector and high performance vehicles and automobillia.

portland international raceway swap meet 2012 dodge

They have carefully selected cars that are of interest to them and now have approx. They also have an amazing collection of restored gas pumps, gas signs, peddle cars, vintage bicycles; filling their museum from floor to ceiling, carefully displayed for maximum effect. There are not any collections that would rival Stand Sheryl's in the Portland area, that I know of. Of course there is are many back stories, as to how each item was acquired, which Stan shared with the group, too much delight.

Too bad Stan does not have any Plymouths, we would recruit him to join our club. For a photographer, like me much time was spent photographing as much of Stan's cars and collectables as possible, are true treat. There's the Mooneyes Chevy hauler. I had the opportunity to visit years ago and it's quite the place if you fancy Chrysler products.

The Lancer is powered by a Mopar big block of course and the dual quads popping through the hood lend a mean retro look.

Oh how I love simplistic race car interiors. I think my favorite element of the car were the two-tone rear wheels. It's a neat retro touch, and they look pretty trippy while in motion.

As American as apple pie. Drag cars might have an image of being rough around the edges, but many like this Callenger were sporting show-quality details. Are narrow, tubbed rear ends the anti-thesis of Hellaflush? The blown big block Chevy once powered the car to an all-time best ET of 7.

Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club

This Roadster was a member of the Hot Rod gang that had gathered under the timing lights. Another example of vintage hand-lettering. More Hot Rods hanging out in the "Famoso Grove" car show area. One of the most talked about vehicles in the car show was this '47 Ford Pickup that came all the way from Appleton, Wisconsin. It had the style of a vintage drag racer, with the details of a show machine.

portland international raceway swap meet 2012 dodge

From the white interior… …to the immaculately finished engine bay. Just another one of those amazing builds that pop up at events like the March meet.