Meet big time rush person 2012

Extras from Big Time Rush's PARADE Photo Shoot

meet big time rush person 2012

August 2, – AM – 0 Comments? Big Time Rush— comprised of members (from left to right) Carlos Pena, Jr., During the four-hour shoot, the band took time to meet the dozens of extras "It made me realize it's often the people who tell you you can't do something who motivate you to do it bigger and better.". With more than , votes cast, Big Time Rush has been declared Carlos: “ I hate meeting my favorite bands because then it just ruins it.”. Big Time Rush formed for the small screen on Nickelodeon but has Aug 2, Sound check and a meet-and-greet are finally over, so the stars of the sold out so fast so people couldn't get tickets," says Mr. Henderson.

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The movie features them traveling to London, England. In Big Time Movie, the four members of the group Big Time Rush head to London for their first big world tour but instead get mixed up in a mission to save the world.

meet big time rush person 2012

In Nickelodeon renewed the Big Time Rush series for a episode fourth season, production started on January 7. On April 20, nine tracks from the album plus "Song for You" without the Karmin vocals and "Get Up" with only Schmidt's vocals was leaked. Schmidt stated at that time that they would like to come back together again as a band if they have an opportunity which, as of [update]has not happened. One [One Direction] is fluke. Two [The Wanted] is a coincidence. And three [Big Time Rush] is a trend that you want to father your unborn children.

They are also credited as the pop group that have once again restored creditably, relevance, and for relaunching boy bands back into the public eye once again.

meet big time rush person 2012

Overvotes were cast. The band was featured on the cover of the August 5, issue of Parade which was a national top seller. An interview and photo set highlighting the group's win that coincided with the honor was featured in the same issue. Big Time Rush have been honored and recognized multiple times by major media outlets throughout their time as a group. Due to their extreme worldwide popularity and success along with being heavily credited as one of the bands that helped bring back the boy band wave The Washington Times Magazine ranked Big Time Rush Number 15 of their Top 20 Best Boy Bands of the decade in And number 28 on the POP!

The show has definitely been our main audience. We have four million kids watching. So when you put a song out, four million kids hear it. When you put a song on the radio, you're not going to have four million people listening.

It's a blessing and a curse being on Nickelodeon — it's gotten us where we are now, though some people are standoffish to us because of that. But we have to be grateful that Nickelodeon gave us this opportunity. The first act up was Rachel Crow. We saw signs that she was going to be giving autographs at 7: Just in time, I tell ya.

We got to our seats toward the end, but he sounded good and had great dance moves. When he was finished, the stage crew went to work, changing everything, bringing out trampolines and the BTR countdown clock started.

meet big time rush person 2012

The excitement was palpable…. At 15 minutes, a cheer erupted. At 10 minutes, it got louder. At the 5 minute mark, it was starting to get uncomfortably loud…. The guys came out with pyrotechnics and smoke…. The show was going really well.

meet big time rush person 2012

Apparently the guys were going to come off of the stage and go up and down the aisles. I stood there for over 20 minutes. Then finally, I see security and Logan running up the aisle, followed by James.

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Apparently Carlos and Kendall went up the opposite side. There was a lot of panicked, screaming girls trying to get at them.

Finally, the guys came back around. Logan slapped me a high five on the way by and finally security let me back to my seat.

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Shortly after that was the moment that changed everything. As many Rushers know, the guys like to serenade a special girl when they sing World Wide. I was determined-O was going to be the World Wide girl.

As it turned out, they decided to each pick a girl last night. I brought her to the front and security lifted her over the barricade and onto the stage, where she was helped onto a stool by Mr. The guys introduced their picks one at a time. He asked if she was nervous and she said NO. They proceeded to sing World Wide. While the other guys held the hands of the gals they chose, or put an arm around them, Carlos was very sweet to O.

He helped her wave her arm in the air, and she sang along with him. I was, of course, right up front for this.

meet big time rush person 2012

I took this awesome shot of O and Carlos: When the song ended, Carlos helped her down. Kendall came right over, hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. It was all very sweet and totally magical for my little lady. After that, I admit, it was a blur.