Master splinter quotes tmnt 2012 meet

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master splinter quotes tmnt 2012 meet

Ninja Turtles - Master Splinter quote Ninja Turtle Party, Ninja Turtles 2, Teenage Mutant. Visit . Master Splinter, Tmnt , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. His ninja training with Master Splinter has helped to improve and condition his strength. He isn't quite as strong as Raph, but .. TMNT Meet Michelangelo!. Master Splinter Quote: We Choose What Holds us Back, and what Moves us Ninja Turtle Quotes, Ninja Warrior, Tmnt , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Well then, make Raph take Mikey. Over my dead body. Y' know, I'm startin' a think nobody wants t' be with me. I'll just go on my own. Mikey smokebombs himself to a closet Mikey: Can we get tattoos? I'd get one of my face on my face! It'd be like I'm wearin' a mask and the mask is me!! I just blew your minds, right? Hmmm, where have I heard that before?

Your weapon just exploded. What kinda church is that? What's that one do? Because I'm hearin' Ten-goob.

master splinter quotes tmnt 2012 meet

Anybody else hearin' that? Mikey put the sprinkles on dat sundae. Now the healing can begin. Wakey-wakey eggs' n bakey. Donnie knows I have a short atten Donnie asks if he is humming the Olympics Theme. Raph's been bitten by a giant, poisonous, robotic fish!

If he was bitten then it's venom, not poison.

master splinter quotes tmnt 2012 meet

He's the greatest, handsomest, and most butt-kickenest of all of my Splinter sends him flying into the wall I knew you ate my pizza! This could be a trap.

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I finally understand what is so awesome about this egg. According to that poster they got it comin' " "I don't wanna live in a world without pizza!

Just call me 'Doctor Einstein Do the zippy-zappy thing NOW! Sure, if you want to blow us and the whole lair in pieces Nah That comic's in mint Failure is a possibility all leaders must face, Leonardo. It is something I had to face in Japan during my battle with my old enemy, the Shredder. Years ago, Oroku Saki, as Shredder was called then, had been my friend. But the love of a woman came between us. He could not accept it and his jealously turned outward in a vengeful attack.

And although he could not defeat me that day, my world burned and crumbled around me, as the battle took the life of my beloved Tang Shen. And I lost my baby daughter, Miwa. But that's my point, Sensei. I lost many things - my family, my home, my name.

But I gained many things as well, like the 4 of you. We can do this. Not only did Raphael alert the Kraang, but you got caught Sensei, he was the angriest, nastiest guy you ever met! You should've heard the insults this guy was throwing at us!

Oh, I did not realize he said mean things!! You had no choice but to jeopardize your mission!! You work in the shadows, in secret. This becomes difficult if there is proof of your existence in high definition! Look, we know where this gut lives! All we gotta do is find him and shake him 'till the tape pops out! Oh, there's no tape!

Video phones use flash memory and! I always thought it was others-destructive. You understand me, don't you, Spike? Chew on your leaf if you understand me. Seriously, you gotta knock or something! Let me tell you a story. Sensei, I'm not really in the mood for a story. Spike, chew on your leaf if you're in the mood for a story. When I was a young man, I fell in love with a woman. Oh, is it that late already? There was another man competing for her attention: One day, he insulted me in front of her.

He called me many things. I felt I couldn't let those insults go unanswered. I lost my temper, and overtime our rivalry festered into hatred. Until Shredder sought to finish me, and I lost my beloved Tang Shen. But it wasn't your fault. You had no choice! I could have chosen to ignore him. I could have chosen to let his words wash over me, like a river over stone. But I let him anger me. It was I who turned his words into weapons.

That was the choice I made. What choice will you make? New Friend, Old Enemy [1. Are you an idiot? Wait, let me rephrase that. You can't show yourself to a human. Because they'll freak the heck out, that's why not. I'm not so scary. You're an ugly, green mutant armed with ninja weapons. Look, this guy is gonna see that I'm just a regular cat-loving dude like him.

We'll be best buds!

master splinter quotes tmnt 2012 meet

This is gonna be awesome! Here's your-- Cat Owner: Ugly, green mutant freak! But I got your cat! He's got my cat! Where did you learn that!!? Mikey learned it from his new friend. The man who taught him that kata is no friend!

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It comes from the Shredder!! You mean Bradford is one of his students? So Bradford's just pretending to be Mikey's friend to get to you! Everything makes sense again. How many times have I told you 'not to skateboard in the lair'?! I shouldn't have to tell you! Excuse me, Sensei, but ninjas never had to go up against guys in armor. Sensei, what was their secret?

Whatever that thing is, it's pure evil, and completely cool looking!! I'll handle this, sweetheart. Mikey Gets Shellacne Karai: I wanted to test this clumsy body.

What I wouldn't give to be human again! Seriously, I don't have all night. Don't get too comfortable, Karai. Shredder is the only one worthy of that throne. I call it insurance. Double-cross us, and boom, we see what you turn into! Maybe so sort of bug. You not only disobey my orders in my absence, your petty scheme failed miserably. It was those stupid Footbots!

They couldn't keep up with the Turtles! But here's the good news- the Kraang have been upgrading them. You will not have anymore dealings with the Kraang until I return. Do not defy me again! The consequences would be It is good to see you again, April. I hope we can pick up training again soon. I wanted to apologize. But we were the ones that screwed up.

It was an accident. And most importantly, you're my friends. I don't ever want to hold a grudge. Slash and Destroy Raphael: Why are you doing this!!?

The others hold you back. You don't need 'em. Just like you said!! I never wanted this!! He's still out there somewhere. Raphael, do you know what I do when I miss my loved ones from the past?

I focus on the friends I have in the present. What are you doing Leo!? I was goin' for Mikey! What part of "last Turtle standing" don't you understand!? These are the other friends I told you about. Casey meet Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and the one and only Raphael.

So the Turtles are all Italian? I named them after my favorite painters and sculptors of the Italian Renaissance. He's a giant, t-talking rat? This is Master Splinter, Casey. You do not have to fear me, my friend.


Rest assured, I do not bite. I'm never gonna live this down. We've all been there, April. You're not entirely human, April. That's why you have psychic powers. In fact, you are a half human, half alien-mutant. Leo, Raph and April: Welcome to the family! You know, Casey, it's awesome there's someone else who knows about the Turtles. I have, like, no one talk to. Especially after Dad turned into a mutant-bat.

Four mutant-turtles living a sewer with a talking rat? I mean, you couldn't make this stuff up. Can't seem to focus. What is it that troubles you, my son? I keep having the same nightmare, Sensei- every night! I let the team down.

master splinter quotes tmnt 2012 meet

They're dragged off into darkness and I'm powerless to help. This is not uncommon. All leaders must face the fear of losing their team. I face this every time you and your brothers' leave the lair. Donnie, you gotta turn off his A. Turn off his A. That's like turning off his brain!

master splinter quotes tmnt 2012 meet

He has to keep it open for us. But what about him? Of Rats and Men Michelangelo: Can we keep her? You know, Master Splinter is a rat.

What if that cat goes nuts and attacks him? She'll feed of his body for months. You know, there is something seriously wrong with you. You think you have the upper hand in a situation. How's that floor taste, Lame-nardo? It is not hard to sense loudmouths. Master Splinter, I tried to tell Karai that you're her father. I thought that if she knew, she would come over to our side. There is a saying: He who runs his mouth gets a face full of nintako.