Hide relationship status on facebook 2012

How to Hide on Facebook Chat

hide relationship status on facebook 2012

How can I change my Facebook relationship status without notifying everyone? Dmitriy June 5, March 12, at am. I added my relationship Those who want to hide it set it to only me or selected friends. For similar details. Mar 14, Mar 14, Facebook is directly asking me to comment on the nature of my . him as a family member (though I hide it on my profile for security reasons). And if I did change my relationship status to engaged -- not just. How do I change my relationship status on Facebook without certain people knowing? If you are friends with her parents or friends with anybody from whom you want to hide your relationship, June 7, at am.

For example, you definitely should not be exposing your party pictures, to work employees that you may have on your profile.

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So if you are one of those individuals, here is what you should do: If you have a lot of friends, then it will take you some time to go through this phase, but it will be worth it. Once your friends list is segmented, it will allow you to further customize other security features of your profile by enabling them to be visible or invisible to certain segments.

How to create and manage Fb friend list Protecting Yourself from Stalkers We all have certain individuals in our networks that have absolutely nothing better to do than — stalk us! They are out to figure out what your relationship status is, where you work, where you studied and even hope to go through your pictures or tagged images. You can tackle this issue through two different means. One method is by going through the Customized Settings on the Privacy Settings page and manually customize parts of your profile to enable who can view them or not view them.

The second method is used for when you want to customize who can search for you, who can message you or see your friends list. In order to be able to correct this, you will need to follow these steps: The Silent Assassin Friend Request Did you know that a pending friend request from an individual can allow them to see portions of your profile updates? Your Personal Account Security A very cool feature that Facebook allows is for you to receive notifications whenever it detects any unusual activity.

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In the pop-up box that appears, for Who sees tag suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded? Another pop-up will appear. Change Friends to No One and click Okay. Once you do that, Facebook will delete the photo-comparison data it normally stores to help with photo recognition. Block snooping apps and sites Unless you intercede, friends can share personal information about you with apps they use.

Ask a Guy: When a Guy Won’t Commit on Facebook

Here are two ways to block such sharing. Turn off all apps: If you do this, you'll block all apps your friends use from accessing information about you. There, click on Turn off all apps. A confirmation pop-up will appear. You can also block your friends from sharing individual items of information about you without having to turn off all apps.

Restrict info you share with apps: If you use this privacy control, you can decide which information you're willing to share with apps your friends use and which to block. One advantage of this approach: When the How people bring your info to apps they use pop-up appears, leave items of information you're willing to share—for example, "If I'm online"—checked.

But be sure to uncheck any item you don't want shared.

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When you're done, click Save Changes. In the Edit Restricted pop-up, open the pull-down menu and select Friends.

How to Edit Who Can See My Relationship Status on Facebook : Facebook Help

Profile photos for all your friends will appear in the window. Then click Finish to save your choices. They will, however, remain your friends on Facebook. You can also keep certain people from viewing individual items in your profile, such as who your family members are, by using the inline audience selectors on the Edit Profile page.

hide relationship status on facebook 2012

Deactivate or delete your account When you deactivate your account, Facebook retains your profile data, including friends, photos, and interests, but your account disappears from the Facebook service immediately. You can reactivate your account using your log-in e-mail address.

From your Home page, open the menu at the top right and select Account Settings to go to the General Account Settings page.

hide relationship status on facebook 2012

There, click on Security. That will take you to the Security Settings page. There, click on Deactivate your account, then follow the instructions.

hide relationship status on facebook 2012

When you delete your account, your account disappears from Facebook forever.