Cedar park cross country meet 2012 jeep

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cedar park cross country meet 2012 jeep

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Boss is pleased at the correct results, but he's devastated when he realizes that the good deeds that he has already done cannot be reversed. Myles Wilder, Ralph Riskin Written by: Hollingsworth Morse Executive Producer: Because Hughie is even sneakier than Boss Hogg is, Hughie just might be the man for the job.

Hughie frames Daisy for running moonshine, and when Bo and Luke help her escape, Hughie videotapes the breakout, and takes off with Boss Hogg for Atlanta to turn the tape over to the state police. Since Hughie's tape makes Rosco look bad, Rosco tells the Dukes about Hughie's plan, and they all set out to stop Hughie and Boss before they reach Atlanta.

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Gy Waldron, Ralph Riskin Written by: William Raynor, Myles Wilder Director: Hollingsworth Morse Guest starring: This was the second on air appearance of Hughie Hogg, but is clearly written as his introduction to the show. This episode also has Enos, who departed the show in the season 3 premier, and also has Daisy's yellow Road Runner, which was destroyed in season 2, episode 12 "Arrest Jesse Duke" production code At a protest in Portadowna man was hurt in a road accident.

At Carrickfergus town hall, protesters disrupted a meeting of the council and threatened councillors. Alliance councillor Noel Williams called it "a full frontal attack on democracy". Rioters threw petrol bombsfireworks, bricks, stones and bottles; police responded with plastic bullets and water cannon.

cedar park cross country meet 2012 jeep

They allegedly ignored orders from the UVF leadership to stop the violence. Police sources said that the East Belfast Brigade leader could have stopped the rioting if he wished. In Newtownabbeymasked men broke into commercial premises and stole money. Loyalists claimed that trouble began when they came under attack from the Short Strandan Irish nationalist enclave.

cedar park cross country meet 2012 jeep

The protesters called for the decision to be reversed. About people had gathered near the city hall for a peaceful protest for the first time since the vote as a result of a call through social media.

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When police tried to disperse the crowds, they were attacked with petrol bombs, fireworks, bricks and bottles. Officers and their vehicles were also attacked with hatchets and sledge hammers. They responded with plastic bullets and water cannon. There was rioting in Newtownabbey and Carrickfergus. Petrol bombs, fireworks and stones were thrown at police, who responded with plastic bullets and water cannons; four PSNI officers were injured as a result of the rioting.

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A press photographer who was covering the riot in Newtownabbey was robbed at knifepoint, while a bus was set alight in the same area and a car was hijacked in north Belfast. Translink suspended almost all its bus services in Belfast. There were also protests in Glasgow and Liverpool.

However, "the vast majority" took an unapproved route and some then donned masks and attacked police.

cedar park cross country meet 2012 jeep

As they passed Short Strand, there were clashes between the loyalists and nationalists and bricks were thrown at houses. Police came under "heavy and sustained" attack after moving in to deal with the rioters; 29 officers were injured.

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Officers responded with plastic bullets and water cannon. The protesters clapped, cheered, whistled, and banged drums for five minutes as a show of "anti-silence", saying that it represents "the silent majority" opposed to the violence.

Later, about loyalists blocked Albertbridge Road and Castlereagh Street, while a line of riot police separated them from a crowd that had gathered at Short Strand. Some missiles were thrown but there was no serious trouble. Jim Wilson, a loyalist community worker, confirmed that youths from his community had started the violence. It is an attempt by unionists to intimidate a small Catholic community". St Matthew's church hall was hosting a social event for children with special needs, but had to be evacuated.

Wilson said a crowd of nationalists arrived after the first missiles were thrown and some attacked Protestant homes in retaliation. When police arrived, the loyalists threw dozens of petrol bombs at police jeeps, three of which caught fire. A bus driver was also hurt when his vehicle was stoned. There was no trouble as they passed the nationalist Short Strand, but later three people were arrested and two charged with disorderly behaviour following trouble in the Albertbridge Road area.

Police largely contained the protest, but about 30 people got onto the road for a short time and blocked traffic. Two people were arrested, although the concert suffered no disruption. Three were arrested in Derry's Waterside area for offences including disorderly behaviour and obstructing a highway.

The other eight arrests were in East Belfast on suspicion of blocking a highway. A batch of petrol bombs was seized by police. In Belfast, several roads were blocked by protesters. A man was later arrested and charged with assaulting police, disorderly behaviour, obstructing traffic and resisting arrest.

When leaving, he was heckled by a small crowd of loyalists and his car was struck by a flag pole. He was later released on bail. However, unlike previous demonstrations, protesters were bussed to City Hall rather than marching. A car was also burnt and the office of Alliance leader David Ford was attacked.

cedar park cross country meet 2012 jeep

Five police officers were injured.